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About Paradigm Properties

At Paradigm Properties we have a team of professionals with property related expertise to act transparently for our qualified clients to BUY/ SELL/LEASE or MANAGE their properties for a safe, secure and profitable investment.


We have also initiated a “home care”  partnership to offer to the many millions of people with financial challenges to retire in their own countries to have an affordable opportunity to retire in Bali and other parts of Indonesia. With all their basic needs taken care of, whether in full care or semi-independently, in cooperation with related institutions, communities, certified professionals and by our well-trained and skilful staff. We ensure our clients enjoy their retirement in a safe and secure environment so that they can maintain their good health, stay active in supporting communities and discover their second long life of happy living.

What a great SHIFT to an exciting new concept (PARADIGM) for your life!

We’ll keep you regularly informed about the status of your property or rental home and any transactions you have with us by communicating effectively with you personally or via email.

We will always do our best to make sure you receive the highest level of prompt service and courteous customer care, whether you are visiting your holiday home, staying in one of our leased/rented properties, or buying/selling a property through us.

We will continue to listen to our clients’ needs, improve our services and develop our business to support those needs so that we can provide you with the highest standards of service into the future. Thank you for your trust and confidence in us.

Paradigm Properties and its dedicated home care team