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Paradigm Properties has a wide range of exceptional homes available. You have many choices of an individual residence, live within an integrated cluster or new-build to your specifications. All with many options of layout and lifestyle choices.


Bali has a delightful environment. The climate is near perfect, the culture and traditions are fascinating, a safe and secure easy going lifestyle, and importantly the cost of living is relatively affordable.

The Balinese warmly welcome foreigners. Bali has year round 24-33 degrees Celsius temperatures, stunning landscapes, and warm and gracious smiling people. The perfect environment that allows many choices – of relaxing in a tropical paradise, work on-line or set up a small business, rediscover your long dreamt of passions and hobbies, and even become involved in the social and cultural life of your new community. The perfect opportunity to improve your health and well-being and enjoy more quality time with your loved ones.

There are so many good reasons to live, work or retire in Bali. Who doesn’t want the conveniences of a home near beautiful beaches or overlooking the calming green of rice fields, picturesque rivers or tropical mountain forests? And all within easy access to excellent shopping and delicious foods for a fraction of the cost of your current overseas location?

Be warmly welcomed into the local community and pursue what you have dreamt of.